Business Security Camera Solutions for PA, NJ and DE Businesses

A business security camera system is one of the most effective ways to ensure workplace safety. Video surveillance systems are also key elements of business continuity & security, whether you need to:

  • protect vulnerable business locations
  • ensure safety & compliance
  • monitor site access
  • improve loss prevention & protect assets
  • reduce business property damage & vandalism.

Integrated Video Security Systems (IVSS) provides commercial security solutions to small- and mid-sized businesses & corporations, organizations and government entities in PA, NJ and Delaware. We are experts at helping you protect your commercial space using state-of-the-art high definition 1080p camera systems.

Security Solutions That Meet Your Budget – and Your Specific Needs
We deliver custom solutions around your specific needs.

Each business has unique security requirements: from the type of business, to multiple locations or facilities, and varying security objectives and challenges.

No two business security challenges are ever exactly alike. Different locations in the same facility will likely face a broad array of needs – low-or no-light, inclement weather, protective housings, both simple and complex installations, the need for high-resolution pan/tilt/zoom capabilities, and more.

temporary-image-for-blurbsAt IVSS, we deliver the range of services you need – from high definition analog security camera system upgrades to full IP systemsaccess control & alarm systems, including installation, trainingsecurity planning, as well as maintenance plans. All of our systems are easily viewable via computer, tablet or smartphone with internet access. [Learn more about IVSS’s services]

Small- & Mid-Sized Business Security Experts.
We are experienced at performing installations in historic or preserved buildings, regulated environments and limited-access facilities. We are familiar with your business continuity concerns – whether slip-and-fall incidents or external threats.

Today, budget-friendly IVSS systems are used to protect police departments, hotels, restaurants, manufacturing facilities, retail outlets and museums across the mid-Atlantic region.

Industries We Serve
IVSS serves a wide range of clientele – from small retail businesses to larger companies, manufacturers and municipal governments.

  • Hotels & Hospitality
  • Retail Businesses
  • Commercial Office Buildings
  • Museums, Parks & Recreational Facilities
  • Hospitals & Medical Facilities
  • Senior Living & Retirement Homes
  • Police Departments & Government Buildings
  • Schools, Colleges & Universities
  • Storage Facilities
  • Manufacturing & Industrial Businesses

Turnkey Business Security Solutions with IVSS
Let IVSS manage the installation and maintenance of your business video surveillance or access control systemLearn more about us and how we work with you to deliver security peace of mind, or call us to discuss your business security challenges.

Featured Services & Equipment

Turnkey Business Security Solutions

IVSS delivers comprehensive analysis-through-implementation security programs designed for your facility security needs and budget.

IP CCTV Systems

State-of-the-art, mobile-ready digital IP network recorders and camera systems customized to your facility and security needs.  All IVSS systems offer simple, secure access via smartphone, tablet or computer.

Security Planning

IVSS develops your company’s security plan to address your business security needs – whether internally-focused, externally-focused or a combination of the two.

Infrared night viewing cameras

Infrared night viewing cameras are the go-to solution when lighting conditions are too low for standard cameras. High-resolution units provide excellent viewing in any lighting condition.

Access Control Systems

IVSS provides physical access control solutions including keycards, smart locks and biometric solutions that can be fully integrated with CCTV systems.

Pan/Tilt/Zoom (p/t/z) cameras

Pan/Tilt/Zoom (p/t/z) cameras are widely used in parking lots, stores, factories and more. All include a full scan option and people tracking capabilities. These 360 degree cameras help deliver 100% situational awareness in a wide range of applications.

Client Spotlight:

Philadelphia Vietnam
Veterans Memorial

phila-vietnam-memorialIVSS Key to Arrest of Veterans Memorial Defacers

Philadelphia’s newly-restored Vietnam Veterans Memorial has suffered significant damage from vandals since its dedication in 2009. A state-of-the-art IVSS surveillance camera system was installed and has led to the arrests of numerous vandals.

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